COVID – 19 Update

As we enter into the next phase of lightened restrictions in the province, the protocols and procedures for both our homes have been adjusted to reflect these changes. As we continue to do our best to keep your loved ones safe, we kindly ask that you do the same. Please see below for more information about updated visitor requirements.

Forestview Retirement Home: 

In order to visit loved ones at Forestview, regardless of immunization status, active screening for symptoms and exposure history will be conducted before entry. This pertains to both indoor and outdoor visits. We ask that all visitors follow public health measures such as wearing a mask and 2 meters physical distancing for the duration of their visit. Failure to comply with the residence’s visiting policies may result in the discontinuation of visits. Please contact our reception team at (416) 398-4999 for information on visitation.

Valleyview Residence

For fully vaccinated individuals planning to visit their loved ones, Valleyview does not require surveillance antigen and/or PCR testing. For those that are partially or unimmunized we require asymptomatic surveillance antigen testing on the day of your visit. Children between the ages of 2 to 18 are also required to partake in antigen testing on the day of their visit with parental consent. For indoor visits residents are allowed up to 2 visitors at a time and for outdoor visits they are allowed up to 4 visitors. Please contact our reception team at (416) 398-0555 for more information on our current visiting policy.