Volunteer (VV)

Valleyview Residence
Posted 7 months ago


General Responsibilities
To complete the volunteer training program
* To adhere to Advent Valleyview Residence Policies and Procedures
* To be familiar with routines and expectations
* To advise supervisor if unable to fulfill duties
* To seek assistance as necessary
* To uphold the residents right to dignity and self-determination
* To recognize your role as an ambassador for Advent Valleyview Residence and to act accordingly

Friendly Visitor
Visits with residents to provide companionship through mental, emotional and social stimulation.
* Prior to performing visits, advises the nurse of the residents to be visited to determine if there are any limitations to access to one or more residents on that particular day.
* All visits will be recorded.

Recreation Assistant
* Assists with program set-up and clean-up, assist residents in getting to program locations, and assists staff with the implementation of recreation programs and other related duties.
* Facilitates residents’ participation in activities.
* Maintains communication among residents, staff and volunteers.
* Remains alert to the safety of the residents and environment. 

Pet Therapy
Pet owner with a certified, trained therapeutic pet (dog) will perform friendly visits for residents with a range of complex health needs, and will vigorously monitor both the dog and resident to ensure a safe and pleasant visit.
*Enhances the quality of life for residents by promoting the human/companion animal bond
  and providing opportunities for reminiscing.

Meal Time Assistant
* Encourages or assists residents with mealtimes by cutting up food and prompting them to
* Feeds residents in the dining room as assigned.
* Promotes pleasurable and social aspects of meals.

Pastoral Care Visits
* Provides spiritual inspiration by reading from religious articles, praying and singing.
Encourages residents to communicate their personal beliefs openly and without judgment.

*Advent Valleyview Residence encourages volunteers to present new ideas.
*Issues or suggestions should be brought to the Volunteer Coordinator’s attention.
*Assigned routines must be strictly followed unless permission is granted from the Volunteer *Coordinator to make changes to the routine.

*Volunteers are not to lift or transfer residents or perform any aspects of personal care.
*Volunteers are not permitted to transport residents in personal vehicles.


  • IF FULLY VACCINATED: and travel history out of province/Canada in fourteen days before placement, PCR test prior to beginning placement (takes up to 3 days to get results), email results to IPAC lead.  Volunteer cannot commence duties until results have been received.
  • VACCINATION RECEIPTS: Copy of 2 valid vaccination receipts (both first and second dose receipts) provided to IPAC lead by email prior to first day of volunteering.  If volunteer has received a booster dose, this receipt must also be included.
  • Proof of tuberculin test result OR chest X-ray completed within the past 6 months.
  • RAPID ANTIGEN TEST on first day of volunteering.
  • IPAC education session scheduled for first day of volunteering.
  • SURGE learning to be completed prior to first day of volunteering.
  • Mask fit testing to be completed on first day of volunteering.
  • A current 2-step TB test must be completed.
  • Criminal reference check (Vulnerable Sector Screening) is required for volunteers 18 and over. Must be current (within 6 months of applying for the volunteer position).
  • Volunteers must be over the age of 14 unless accompanied by a responsible legal adult at all times (at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator). General volunteers under 16 must provide written permission from their parent/legal guardian.
  • A volunteer application must be completed and submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Volunteers must receive orientation and sign all related paperwork prior to commencement of duties.
  • Volunteers must receive feeding assistance training prior to assisting residents with eating and drinking, and must sign accompanying paperwork.
  • Have the ability to be patient and understanding when faced with challenging situations.
  • Have the ability to follow directions with accuracy and adhere to the Home’s policies and procedures.
  • Flu vaccine is not mandatory but highly recommended.

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